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  • Support dialogue & social action
  • 60 minute documentary
  • Modgala found faith in Buddhism & ordained as a Buddhist Nun
  • Jumana began practicing Islam after her experiences in Jordan and London
  • Sarah was brought up as a Christian & became a Bahá’í
  • The DVD improves opportunities for learning

Women of Faith

The production of the Women of Faith DVD has helped to highlight the importance of shared spaces for interaction and social action. Bringing together people from different faiths and communities to come together at various venues and events to share common ground and plan social action to forge links and protect beliefs.

The Women of Faith project has identified that structures and processes which support dialogue and social action are absolutely critical to interfaith engagement and even for single faith engagement and social action that addresses local community needs. Structure and processes are an essential part of people's daily lives as eloquently articulated in the Women of Faith DVD. The DVD improves opportunities for learning which build understanding to a wide audience from various faiths, communities and background.

To date over 650 people have been involved in production and viewing of the DVD. With an online audience through youtube and CAP website dissemination there should be an ongoing growth in the numbers of people viewing the DVD.

The Women of Faith DVD has made a significant difference to helping bind inter community and inter faith relations. The DVD portrays the lives of three ordinary women who have changed faith and shows common human needs regardless of which community or faith an individual belongs to. This DVD shows the commonality between the different faiths and communities which has been voiced in discussions after viewings.

The Women of Faith has made a considerable contribution to CAP reputation and capacity to deliver an interesting DVD that will stand the test of time and can be viewed by later generations as well as present audiences. It's a shame that due to lack of finances we could not organise specific screenings ourselves or update our website to include the DVD, or use it for educational purposes in Schools.

Contacts were made with a number of Faith organisations including Amida Trust, St Ethelburgas, Islington Faiths Forum. Three interviews were chosen from the contacts made. Modgala found faith in Buddhism, and  has been ordained as a Buddhist Nun. Jumana began practicing Islam after her experiences in Jordan and London. Sarah was brought up as a Christian and became a Bahá'í through a close friend.

Interview questions were agreed with all interviewees. Filming took place over the course of three months at the homes of the participants and other locations such as Islington Ecology Centre, Walthamstow Marshes, and Hackney Nature Reserve.

The material covered in the filming was too interesting to limit to a 30 minute DVD. In the end the DVD running time is 58minutes. Our partners in the project Future Focus Films picked up the extra costs associated with an extended hour long DVD.

Fully completed DVD with cover designs and publicity postcards are now being available. Link to DVD