Let’s face it….

Drugs and Alcohol misuse by 11-18 year olds is increasingly becoming a concern for parents and teachers. What are the key issues that lead young people to taking drugs, and drink?

This DVD contains views of young people who are concerned by drugs & drink misuse by their peers and offer insight into what can be done to help young people faced by drugs and drink misuse. Youth actors enacting case studies, and interviews with Hackney Youth Service substance misuse workers.

This DVD can be used by Teachers and Youth Workers to initiate discussion with young people about drugs and drink misuse, underlying causes and what help is available to young people involved in drug and drink misuse. Funded by Hackney Council and produced in partnership with Hackney DAAT and Hackney Youth Service.

Using youth interviews and dramatised testimonies to warn against Drugs and Alcohol misuse for 11-18 year olds. The DVD is used by Hackney Youth Service substance misuse workers to deliver preventative information workshops in Hackney Schools and Youth Centres.