Care For The Carer - Dementia Care

This 20 minute video contains interviews with carers about their experience of looking after someone with dementia, and interviews with professionals about what carers can do to retain their mental wellbeing while being a dementia carer.

Caring for people with dementia can be one of the most challenging things anyone can face. It puts enormous pressure on the mental wellbeing of the carers, who have to deal with complex emotions and changes to their lives, forcing them to focus almost exclusively on the needs of the person with dementia.

Carers frequently neglect their own wellbeing to care for the person with dementia. For some carers this can lead to feelings of hopelessness, isolation and depression, with very little support.

One carer summed it up “The most important thing any carer can do is to look after yourself. Because if you go under then you are no help to them”.