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  • Community Advance Project produces DVDs on social issues
  • DVDs have education & campaigning functions
  • DVD Productions
  • We aim to influence better services
  • Producing training, research & documentary films

About Us

Who we are

Community advance project was founded by Suj Ahmed and constituted in 2007, with the specific aim of linking different areas of community needs and community advancement. Creating linkages that may not already exist, or are not clearly focused, helping to shape better futures for our communities.

We are a registered charity working across London to develop and engage communities, particularly vulnerable or marginalised people. We have a whole systems grassroots approach to engaging with communities and working to positively impact on  social  issues. We endeavour to make community engagement meaningful for all parties, helping to build long term relationships.

Our key areas of work are Older People, Health, Refugee and Migrant Integration, Young People, Intergenerational Work, Organisational Support and Capacity Building, Training, Research and DVD Production.

Where we are headed

Community Advance Project wants to be able to respond to the various needs of our communities. We want to forge strong partnerships with other organisations from the voluntary, statutory, and private sector to make a positive difference to the lives of the people we serve.